Nanofresh Antibacterial Socks

Combining the powers of antibacterial properties, negative ions and FIR therapy, we’ve created a unique breathable sock material that eliminates foot odor and brings a number of other benefits to its users. NanoFresh Socks kill germs that can cause foot odor, athletes foot and toenail infections. In addition, Far Infrared Rays Therapy and Negative Ions are known to increase blood circulation, regulate pH balance, reduce pain/swelling and more. Our superior technology allows for extended wear, making it a great choice for sports, work and travel. Smelly feet and embarrassing situations end here, keep your feet fresh and healthy with NanoFresh Socks!


The antimicrobial properties in our socks kill fungi and bacteria that grow in your shoes and socks, thus helping eliminate foot odor and infectious diseases such as Athlete's Foot and toenail infections.

FIR Therapy

One of the many benefits of Far Infrared Rays Therapy is that they help improve lymph circulation. This removes accumulated toxins in the tissue which is the root of many health problems.

Negative Ions

Our socks are charged with negative ions which increase blood flow to your feet. This helps reduce swelling and pain. The ions also regulate pH balance, creating a healthy environment for your feet.

Moisture Wicking

Our cotton material is designed to keep moisture and sweat away from the skin. This keeps your feet dry and warm. Because odor-causing bacteria thrives in wet environments, moisture wicking socks reduce foot odor.


Great for athletes! No more embarrassing smells in locker room

I haven’t heard my wife and kids complain about my stinky feet since I invested in a pair of these

As a business man, these socks are great for work or travelling. They can be worn for days, without taking on a funky smell.

Im no longer ashamed to take off my shoes in public places, NanoFresh Socks has saved me from foot odour!