Oral Medication for Toenail Infections: Does It Work?


250 milligrams of terbinafine per day for three months is the most common and “effective” oral medication used to cure toenail infections and is recommended by WebMD and Scottish researchers at the University of Dundee. However, scientists also concluded that: “Consensus among researchers evaluating oral antifungal drugs for onychomycosis is needed to establish meaningful definitions of clinical cure. Most trials were funded by the pharmaceutical industry; we found little independent research, and this may have introduced bias to the review.”

Not only oral medications found to be less effective to cure toenail infections, but one wonders if they are even safe. According to Dr. John Sigle, side effects for oral medications prescribed for toenail infections include “headaches, upset stomach, skin rashes, diarrhea, constipation bloating, unpleasant taste in the mouth, mild itching, joint pain or weakness, runny nose and other cold symptoms”. More serious side effects such as “drug interactions, allergic reactions, liver damage or failure, and heart failure” were also discovered.

Oral medications are considered risky and ineffective, patients also reported that the infection recurred within the next year.

Toenail Infections

Toenail Infections Solution

Phillip Rogers MD and Mary Bassler MD from the University of Michigan Medical School advised: “To improve treatment outcomes and prevent recurrence, patients should be counseled about proper foot hygiene”. We recommend maintaining good foot hygiene by washing and scrubbing your feet regularly (especially after long hours of work and sports) with antibacterial soap, wearing clean socks such as NanoFresh Antimicrobial Socks and choosing breathable footwear.

NanoFresh Antimicrobial Socks

NanoFresh Antimicrobial Socks are an excellent solution for toenail infections, along with other common foot ailments such as foot odor and Athlete’s Foot for many reasons. They are breathable cotton socks and destroy 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi found on feet.

Have you ever used oral medication to eliminate toenail infections? If yes, were your results successful?